Daily Weigh-Ins

Happy Wednesday!

Today is my first day of an increase on the scale since I started counting calories. I hate that. I know it's dumb, but I still hate it. I started weighing myself daily when I was losing weight in 2007. It really helped me learn how different things affect me, and it taught me that it's completely normal for my weight to fluctuate up or down 3 pounds day to day depending on a variety of factors. Today's uptick is .4 pounds so I know I'm just being dumb if I let it get to me.

I did my deck of cards without weights workout this morning. The time was pretty much the same as last week. It felt good doing the workout. It gets me moving and stretching without being super hard. It's a good easy-day workout. Tomorrow is running again, and I can't wait for that. My first half marathon of the year is Saturday. I'm optimistic that I'll be able to finish. I think I need to let my plantar fasciitis decide on Saturday though. I had a dream last night that I finished then was on crutches flying back to Chicago Sunday because my foot was too swollen to walk on. So yeah, probably I need to listen to my body on Saturday.

Time for work for me, but I'll leave you with a lovely sunset picture of the view from my apartment last night just because it makes me happy and hopefully will do the same for you. Have a fantastic today!

The Benefit of Running Late

Happy Tuesday!

I had a really hard time getting out of bed to run this morning. I pretty much had talked myself into running after work by the time I put my contacts in and stepped on the scale. As soon as I saw the number, I knew I was running before work though. Since I started counting calories Saturday, I'm down 3.2 pounds. Seriously. And that's without running a single time. Saturday and Sunday I didn't work out at all! There's A LOT to be said for doing exactly what your body wants you to do.

I'm a little sore from yesterday's deck workout with weights. I think it was the squats in particular that have me hurting a little. Doing a deck of cards workout adds up to 95 of each of the exercises. 95 weighted squats is kind of a lot, I suppose. I'm more sore than last week even so I guess I put a little more effort into yesterday than last week too. Go me.

The bad part about taking so long to get outside to run this morning is that I'm probably going to be later than I want to be for work. The good part is that I got to run through sunrise. Sunrise over Lake Michigan is just one of my very favorite things. The picture, while it is beautiful, just doesn't do the colors in the sky justice. The lake was like glass this morning too. There was no wind at all, which is a very rare event. Starting next week the boats will be coming back out for the summer. It's still makes for some great pictures, but it changes them too.

Okay, I have to get myself off to work. Have a fantastic today, peeps!